Foundations of Freedom: Civil Justice

From our partner, the Divorced Parents Mentor Network…

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Here is a video about Civil Justice, and yes, the layout of Government and Courts are in the bible. The following video is a complementary clip from the Blaze TV. If you subscribe to the Blaze, you can watch the entire episode. If you’d like to watch for free, you can sign up for a free week with the Blaze and then cancel at the end of the trial period.

I appreciate the Blaze trying to educate the people on our legal system. Most American’s see the system as a top down functioning Government, when the truth is, We the People were intended to have the power going from the local level upward so that the Federal Government did not grow too big and powerful as to control us.

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Events Coming Soon

From our partner, the Divorced Parents Mentor Network…

High Conflict U

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There was a great meeting tonight with our Twin Cities, Minnesota Mentor team.  We are looking forward to meeting other divorced parents out there.  This is not going to be a run of the mill support group!  No way!  We want you to not only learn ways to get through the divorce process and manage professionals in the Family Court, but to have a little fun, as well!  Why not?

The Divorced Parents Mentor Network holds bi-weekly social events that function as part support group, part social gathering and include a brief educational program on a topic you need to know about.  We hope many will join us for fellowship and fun, and make it a regular event in your life.  Our mentors have been through the divorce process and know how difficult it is.  We will share our experiences and knowledge with…

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